Latest iPhone 9 Leaks 2018: Here is What you Need to Know!!!

iPhone 9 (along with iPhone 11 or XI) is going to be the next warrior in the line up of Apple's smart phone. Apple is pretty much fixed about announcing its new device which is September month. It means, you can see all ins and outs of iPhone 9 within September 2018.

However, curiosity has no bounds and that's the reason why people wants to get the information before the official announcement. This post is completely dedicated to iPhone 9 leaks and will be constantly updated with new information that will add value to this issue.

So, let's dive into the world of iPhone 9 leaks without further talking.

1. What next iPhone will be called?

Name is the biggest confusion for the next iPhone device. It's not yet sure that the next iPhone will be called "iPhone 9". However, I am still using this name because that's the obvious name that comes right after iPhone 8. It can be iPhone 8s, iPhone 9 or any other series like iPhone Xl or iPhone X2.

2. Look will be same as iPhone X but improved

After a long time apple made significant change in the design of iPhone with the release of iPhone X and Apple is more more likely to continue the same design for it's next device. However, the screen bezel will be decreased and screen-to-body ratio will be improved for better user experience.

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3. The new and powerful chip!

Surely, the next iPhone will be equipped with the new A12 chip which will be more powerful than Apple's A11 Bionic processor. Number of core may remain same as A11 which is 6 (Hexa), however the performance and the amount of transistors of this new chip will be improved.

4. Coming soon...

This is not a one-time post! I will be updating this post constantly after getting new legit information about iPhone 9 (or whatever Apple will name it). Hence, I request you to bookmark this page and share it with your friends and family members who are crazy about Apple's next device.

In addition, if you get any kind of information about the upcoming iPhone please let me know via comment section. I will be happy to add that into the post along with giving you credit. 


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