Free iPhone 8 Giveaway 2018 – Golden Chance that Comes Only Once!

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Although design wise iPhone 8 is much likely to it’s previous version iPhone 7 but has significant upgrade in terms of performance and hardware quality such as processor, camera, sensors and so more. This post is not about the features of iPhone 8 rather than it’s a goldmine for you that will connect you with the latest free iPhone 8 giveaway.

iPhone is the dream device of millions and one of the most popular as well as advanced daily tech that has huge impact on our lives. However, due to it’s high (comparatively) price many consumer just kill their dreams. Hence, this is the right scope to claim your iPhone 8 by joining the giveaway.

Just like the legit giveaway no one can guarantee winning the device, you are not given any 100% surety but just a sign up can be your key toward having a brand new iPhone device.

Join free iPhone 8 giveaway to secure your device!

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Just to make sure you don’t leg behind, please keep in mind that this giveaway will continue to accept new participants for a limited time and will be closed soon. Hence, if you really don’t want to miss this chance then act NOW.

In case you want to know the basic requirements of joining this giveaway here is the simple and short list that is applicable for every participant who want to join this giveaway.

  1. Participant must be from USA (not nationality)
  2. Participant must be aged above 18 years
  3. One person can apply only once within a month


In terms of giveaway people usually have a lot of questions going on their mind. Perhaps not all but at least some most asked questions are answered below:

1. How the winner will be chosen?
Ans: Winner will be chosen based on the answer of questions that you will be answering after the primary sign up.

2. When the announcement will be given?
Ans: You will be notified via Email about the final announcement.

3. Why I am watching an irrelevant page rather then iPhone 8 giveaway?
Ans:  If you are visiting the giveaway page from out of USA you will be redirected to another page since this giveaway is exclusively for US residence.

4. Is this giveaway associated with Apple Inc.?
Ans: No, this giveaway is neither associated not promoted by Apple Inc.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Jump on to win the next new iPhone device without paying for it.

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