Free iPhone 7 Giveaway 2018 – Join Today, Win Tomorrow!

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Online platform is full of giveaways but how many of them have iPhone devices as gift? Very few, huh! Luckily this entire post is about joining free iPhone 7 giveaway which is surely a surprising news for many people. Although, on my blog I have shared a blog post about the giveaway contest of Apple’s latest device iPhone X, but this giveaway has more possibility of winning due to less competition. As most of the people are focused on winning latest iPhone gadget, here you will get a chance to win not so old neither too new one pretty much easily.

Joining this giveaway is pretty simple and I am sure it won’t take more than few minutes of your whole day. Investing few minutes of your 24 hours may come with return of $650 worth of smart device. So, just do register and confirm your participation by following the instructions.

Join free iPhone 7 Giveaway Contest Now!

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As you know, usually giveaways are open for participation for a certain period of time or till the last spot. This iPhone 7 giveaway is of spot based and will be closed after it gets the first 1,000 valid participants . So, hurry up and secure your brand new iPhone 7 device.


Make sure you full-fill below requirements before joining the giveaway. If you don’t meet the requirements, you won’t be counted as a valid participant. Primary requirements are:

  • You must be living inside USA while applying for this giveaway
  • Your age must be above 18 years
  • You need to answer all the questions to be counted as a valid participant


On the top of that, I am listing down some answers of basic questions that most people find confusing. Hope this small F.A.Q section will help you to get ride of confusions.

1. Is this giveaway arranged by GET iPhone?
Answer: No, this giveaway is only being promoted by GET iPhone.

2. How the winner will be selected?
Answer: Primarily, based on the given answers the winner will be selected. However, there may be some other minor factors like age, depth of answer, validity of information etc. while considering the winner.

3. If I win, how can I know that?
Answer: You will be Emailed from the organization team after being selected. Congrats in advance 😉

4. Is Apple Inc. associated with this free iPhone 7 giveaway contest?
Answer: No, Apple Inc. is neither associated nor affiliated with this giveaway contest.

Still have confusion? or Am I missing any important question that you need to ask? Please go ahead and ask via comment section.

Best of Luck for the giveaway and keep in mind one thing that, giveaway is not any sure way to win but it will give you a chance to win. So, in case you don’t win, never be depressed and try out your next opportunity.

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