10 Best Gifts for iPhone Users in 2018 (No. 9 is Super Unique)

The love for an iPhone among millions across the world is immense; however, there are accessories that boost up the performance along with the compatibility of the device to give the users a far enhanced experience. In order to power up the iPhone, there can be special giveaways as gifts for iPhone users. The compatible devices that match exceptionally well with the iPhones usually boost the power and usability option to make the iPhones more trendy and powerful that they normally are. The image and photo quality for people who desire to take a photo with the iPhone devices can be enhanced by providing them with the best possible option of gifts for iPhone photographers as they tend to take realistic and high-definition images of the viewings. Given below is a list of the best compatible accessories for the iPhone lovers that they can self-purchase of can be gifted.

Check out the list of best gifts for iPhone lover...

1. Apple AirPod MMEF2AM/A Bluetooth Headset (Wireless)

These are ready-to-use devices that quickly pair with iPhones and a rich effect of music can be experienced to the highest grade and quality simply by placing them on the ears after instant connection. It can be either activated with the help of Siri without even taking or moving the iPhone. The device works for approximately 24 hours at a stretch after fully charging for five hours due to the W1 chip installed. The sound quality is rich and has high-quality audio AAC. There are options of beamforming without the interference of any noise from the background. The devices are designed to connect automatically with Apple devices once configured and can switch from one to the next easily.

2. Apple Watch Series- 3 (MR352LL/A) with inbuilt GPS /38mm

The model comes with an inbuilt GPS technology and Glonass. The device is completely water resistant with a capacity of withstanding up to 50 meters. The internal capacity and storage range to 8 gigabytes. The device stays on for long, once charge; it can remain working for up to eighteen hours at a stretch.

3. Belkin Charging Pad/7.5W (Wireless)

This is a wireless charger that is designed specifically for iPhones. The charging pad provides rapid charging potential for iPhones that are up to 7.5 Watt and operate on IOS 11 and later. This charging pad can work with any devices that are Qi-enabled. The charging pad can charge devices through plastic cases that are lightweight and up to 3 mm in thickness. The charging pad is safe to be operated and provides the maximum functionality with the foreign object detection technique. The surface of the device is anti-slippery and the length of the cord for the AC adapter is 5 feet in length.

4. Beats Studio 3 Headphone/Over-Ear (Wireless)

The connectivity technology of the Beats Studio Headphone is wireless. Pairing can be done from a distance of 30 feet. Thus playing sound with this device from a range is quite easy. It offers noise canceling through dual-mode adaptive. The headphone has a fuel gauge and a rechargeable battery that lasts for 12 hours once fully charged. The built-in mic feature allows users to make hands-free calls. The other things present in the Beats Studio Headphone box are 3.5 mm audio cable, Wireless over-ear headphones, USB 2.0 cable, and hard-shell carrying case.

5. Apple Television (4K Resolution)

The features of this device make movies and TV shows even more stunning. The video quality it provides is amazing and adds life to the pictures in a more realistic manner. The contents of ESPN, Hulu, Netflix, and more can be enjoyed and the TV is even compatible with Siri in order to locate what is desired. The device is ready to share images that are taken with the help of the iPhone. The device is 4K ready with HDR compatibility.

6. Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker 2 (Mini)

The sound system from Bose has a deep and enriching base that gives a high-end experience to the listeners. The device is compact and wireless that can be carried to any location without any hassle. The range of Bluetooth transmission ranges up to thirty feet. The device has an in-built speaker system which enables the calls to be played out loud. The device has a battery lifespan of approximately ten or more hours depending on the use once the Lithium-ion battery is fully charged. The Bluetooth pairing enables voice prompting facility that makes the device easy to use.

7. Xenvo Kit Pro Camera Lens for iPhone

The lens kit is a combination of wide angle lens and macro lens with LED lights that can be clipped on an iPhone’s camera lens. The wide angle lens provides 0.45x true view vision to capture each and every image with 45% more accuracy. The macro lens provides 15x vision view to capture far distant objects. The nearby objects can be magnified to the fullest for close-up images. The glow clips with LED lights are rechargeable. The casing of the complete device is durable and strong to be easily carried along to far distances to take the ultimate professional HD ready images.

8. Two Folds Leather Flip Cover Case (Wallet Style) for Apple iPhone X

This flip cover is compatible for iPhone X and comes in a unique two folds flip type structure to protect the phone from external damages.

9. Sphero Bb-8 Droid Battle-Worn Star Wars Black Tin by Collector's Edition and Force Band

The user can use the force of the Droid control mode and control the BB-8 like pull or push it. The user who uses the Combat training mode gets the amazing feeling of battling the blaster, wielding the lightsaber and channeling the force. IPhone, force band and IPad can be used to monitor the BB-8. A user can enjoy holographic video s and also communicate with the help of BB-8.

10. Anker Charger (Portable) PowerCore with 20100 mAh battery charging capacity

The power bank is of high capacity and comes with a 4.8A output and an external pack of battery.  It is very light weighted and is the same as that of a can of 12.5 oz soup. Still, it has a high capacity for charging the iPhone. The voltage boost and PowerIQ together increase the speed of charging. It gets recharged completely in about 10 hours. It is fully safe for the device as well as the user. It comes with a travel pouch, Micro USB cable welcome guide, 18-months warranty and a fast and reliable customer service. Separately one can get lightning cable for iPad or iPhone.


To experience the best technology, the iPhone users are getting increased with every passing day. The gift items coupled with iPhone form a perfect gift for your brother, sister, parents, and friends. They are trendy and robust to use. Try to know the choice of the user as of which attribute of iPhone he is quite fond of. Once you know the same selecting the gift will be easier for you.

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