How to find IP address on iPhone within few Seconds!

The IP Address of an iPhone is often asked by several installed applications on the phone. However, when the iPhone is connected to the mobile data or Wi-Fi network, the information related to the IP of the phone varies each time. In order to find IP address on iPhone, especially to jailbreak, a number is needed to SSH into the device which becomes mandatory for the devices running on Open SSH. The steps to locate the proper IP address on an iPhone are mentioned in the following.

Steps to find IP address on iPhone

Step 1 Prior to locating the IP address on the iPhone, an individual must ensure that the iPhone is connected to a table Wi-Fi internet enabled network.

Step 2 The "Settings" option must be opened under Wi-Fi.

Step 3 One must select the network from the list on which the iPhone is connected. This network generally appears to be blue in color and has a tick on its left.

Step 4 An individual need to locate around circle present on the right side of the network's name to view full information.

Step 5  An individual can easily find the IP Address that is listed under the option stating "Forget this Network."

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How to enter the IP Address in an iPhone manually?

Assignment of IP addresses in a dynamic manner is not always the case over all networks. For unknown network connections, an individual need to input the IP address on their iPhones manually so that the iPhone has an active Wi-Fi network connection. The main requirements to manually set up the IP for the iPhone are IP address of the router, the subnet mask number of the network, DNS address, and most importantly the IP Address. In most of the places, the DNS address and the IP address of the router is the same. The following steps show how to input IP Address in an iPhone manually:

  • One needs to open "Settings" on their iPhone and select the Wi-Fi option. Once the list of Wi-Fi access points is available, the blue arrow beside the option must be clicked in order to join.
  • The "Static" option must be clicked in order to get the input fields displayed for the network administrator so that the values can be inputted and an active connection can be set up.
  • All relevant network details must be manually entered on the iPhone.
  • Once entered, the back button of the Wi-Fi on the top left corner must be clicked in order to save all the changes done. One must then tap on the name of the Wi-Fi and enter the relevant password of the network when asked.

The automatic generated IP addresses on an iPhone are generally the local address of the Wi-Fi network on which the iPhone device is connected. The information and data related to the same are only visible when the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data in the form of 3G, 4G, LTE, etc. You can also check my article on mirroring pictures on iPhone device.  

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