How to Downgrade an App on iPhone without any Hassle!

Almost all the iPhone users are well known to consistent application updating. An application includes various new and latest features by keeping update frequently. That’s good for both user and app. But also arise a little bit bug operating a particular updated app like before. Sometimes it may don’t works all functions properly due to the updated version.

In this situation, most of the users intend to return into the previous version. But it’s a matter of sorrow that there is no any downgrade button available on the app store. How can you find out a better solution of this unexpected fix?  As an iPhone user, you might be exploring such an answer. Well, there is nothing to be anxious. The step by step guide to downgrade an app on iPhone is given below.

  • Step 1: As you are unwilling to manipulate the latest version of the specific app, then at first delete it from your iPhone.  You’re going to replace the same app, so there is no need to exit a duplicate app onto your device.
  • Step 2:  Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes on your computer. Then jump over the My App where all the purchased and synced apps are stored.
  • Step 3: Then click on the particular app icon which one you would like to downgrade. You will see the app version number into the Get Info option.
  • Step 4:  Sometimes it can’t be found the version number at first hand due to existing IPA file. If it happens then again, click on the app and choose the Windows Explorer option. There you will see the IPA file. Please delete it from there straightforwardly.
  • Step 5:  Then back up and sync your iPhone using iTunes. When the sync is completed, you will find an App tab at the top of the iTunes window.
  • Step 6: Click the App tab and find out the particular app which you willing to downgrade.
  • Step 7: Wait for a while until the old version application copied to your iPhone. After that run the older app onto your device.

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That’s it! If you can execute the whole procedure exquisitely, you can hope to be free of all the barrier of using the desired application. Besides, you will get back the previous features of the app what you missed.  You will also feel free from the annoying bugs of the latest version. Need to note that, all procedure performs with the assist of iTunes. But unfortunately, the latest iTunes version is not eligible for app downgrading anymore.

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