How to Delete all Emails on iPhone with Just Few Press of Buttons

Fetching emails daily in the mailbox from unwanted sources are considered often irrelevant. This has become a regular hassle for most of the people worldwide using the mailing platforms. The necessary and essential emails are hard to find among the vast number of unwanted emails that spams the inbox daily. Therefore, iOS users have been provided with the best options to remove all the unwanted emails from their mailboxes. These unwanted emails can cause trouble to firms and organizations operating and conducting their business through emails only. This is mainly because it becomes tough to find the productive ones in the crowd of the email list. There are simple methods which can benefit an iOS user to get rid of the emails that are no more needed in their mailboxes with a few simple clicks.

Deleting emails with three easy clicks is possible with the features included in the iOS 9 operating system introduced by Apple. Additional features like marking all the emails as read without even opening them are of great convenience to all the users. This feature enables users to mark the unwanted as read so that they can be differentiated from the important ones. These essential emails can be saved as unread which they can refer in the future. The marked emails that are set as read can be given less importance while checking the list of the email.

The steps to delete all Emails on iPhone and other iOS devices like iPod touch and iPad are listed below:

  1. Users need to open the mail application on the Apple devices that they are using.
  2. They need to click and tap on their mailing inbox. This will reveal the unread count of the emails that have been accumulated in the mailbox.
  3. Users need to click on the Edit option.
  4. Following the Step to click on the edit option, the users need to click on the Trash All option under Edit. Selecting can be done by marking all the emails by selecting the Mark All option.
  5. An individual can also select the Mark as Unread after choosing the emails from the list.
  6. After selecting the emails or marking all, the user needs to click on the Trash All or the Archive All alert for confirmation.

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The steps mentioned above show how all the selected emails from the mailbox list can eventually be deleted with simple taps on an iOS device. These can be done for all the emails that are in the inbox of the email application on the device, in individual folders, and mailboxes. For safety reasons, once all the emails are deleted, it may take a significant amount of time to fetch back the list of deleted emails. All the deleted emails once removed can be found under the Trash option from where it can be permanently deleted or restored depending on the choice of the users. These are the steps of operation of removing the emails for the users operating on the iOS devices. You can also check my article on cleaning iPhone screen safely.

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