How to Conference call on iPhone Instantly!

It is a kid's play to add more than one caller and speak to all of them using an iPhone. Conference calls can be made using the iPhone and up to 5 callers can be connected at a time. This is a feature that can help a lot of people without all the people being physically present at a time. We look at the details of how a conference call be made possible using an iPhone. 

  • Place an ordinary call first - Before starting a conference call on iPhone, make an ordinary call to the first participant by using the phone icon located at the bottom of the home screen. There will be four options in it - Contacts, Favorites, Recents and via the keypad. If Contacts is selected, the saved name and the number can be tapped in it and the iPhone will place the call. Similarly, if Recents or Favorites is chosen, the required participant can be dialed from it by tapping from the listings. If the keypad is chosen then the number will have to be dialed for placing a call.
  • It is not compulsory for any participant to have an iPhone for participating in a conference call. They can have any type of phone to take part in such a conference call. 
  • Add a new caller - Once the first call is dialed, the iPhone will show six boxes - Mute, Keypad, Speaker, Add Call, FaceTime, and Contacts. Out of it, Mute, Keypad, Speaker and Contacts will glow and as the first caller gets connected, the Add Call button will also start glowing. For connecting a third participant for making a conference call on iPhone, press 'Add Call' button.
  • As soon as the 'Add Call' button is pressed, the third caller can be connected using the Keypad or using the 'Contacts' button. Some of the notable features while connecting are as follows.
  • Before the second participant is connected, the 'Add Call' button is not usable as it is not activated until the first call is made.
  • After adding a caller, when the 'Add Call' button is pressed, the second participant is put on hold by the system. It is recommended to inform this participant about this feature in advance.
  • Any other person who may be calling can also be added to the conference call by receiving the call and pressing 'Hold and Accept/Answer' button. Thereafter, 'Merge Calls' has to be pressed. If the incoming call is not desired, press 'Send to Voicemail'. If the conference is to be ended and the incoming call to be accepted, press 'End and Accept' button.
  • Merge all calls - After the third participant is connected, press the 'Merge Calls' button so that the second participant will be free from the call hold and connect to the remaining 2 participants
  • More participants can be connected - Up to 5 participants can be connected in a conference call using an iPhone; only the initial caller has to repeat the 'Add Calls' and 'Merge Calls' buttons as discussed above. It is only to be remembered here that while making a new call, the previous participants of the conference will all be put on hold.

In case you are still confused, watch this video:

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Therefore, making a conference call on iPhone is very easy and fast process. After doing a conference call for the first time, it can get even easier and all the steps may get imbibed even faster. You can also check my article on finding IP address of your iPhone device.

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