How to Clean iPhone Screen Like a Pro!

One of the most important parts of an iPhone is its screen. The screen is the only visual interface that helps the user to see and visualize the contents that are displayed on the iPhone. Due to a huge amount of use the screen tends to get dirty quite easily and very fast.

Cleaning the most vital part off iPhone

The screen being the only visualizing part requires extra attention and care. It is advised by the developer as well as experts not to use any cleaner to clean the screen under any condition. One should keep the screen of his or her iPhone away from chemical agents like Windex. The only solution recommended is water.  Users are advised to use plan and clean water for cleansing purpose.

The process of making an effective cleaning kit for iPhone

An iPhone user can keep his or her phone absolutely clean in a brand new condition despite being in any corner of this world. The iPhone will start sparkling if one can clean it with some ingredient. These ingredients are very few in number.

Ingredients required for cleaning

  • Q-tips that is finely pointed
  • Rubbing alcohol that stock up on 70 percent or higher
  • Toothpicks
  • Can containing compressed air
  • Pack of microfiber cloth pieces

One must be particular about the can containing compressed air as it must be effective enough to blow out dirt from the iPhone and its inner parts. All these ingredients are readily available. Some of them are even available at home. Users can grab these ingredients from a nearby store even if they miss out some.

How to clean the iPhone screen

A person who wants to clean the iPhone screen must first spread out a clean towel evenly on an even surface or can wipe the top of a table with a sponge soaked in soapy water and a towel. This should be followed by laying down the phone. One should start with clearing off the dust particles surrounding the screen so that the screen gets clean properly. The can must be opened so that the air blows out the dust particles present on the screen, or surrounding the screen or present in the charging port. One can perform this cleaning process under a table lamp so that there is sufficient light. If dirt still exists one can use a toothpick to clean the space around the screen frame or other parts.

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To enhance the process of cleaning users can use pre-moistened microfiber cleaning cloth as it is one of the best solutions to clean the mobile device and its screen. The screen does not require any solution, and only water is enough for its cleaning. One just needs to soak a piece of microfiber in water and then clean the screen using that cloth.

A small tip to keep your iPhone screen clean

Users of the iPhone can consider using hand sanitizer before and after meals and also before touching the screen of the iPhone. When the hand is free of dirt the screen will also be clean and require less cleaning. You can also check my article on stopping iPhone updates.

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